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    This is life at Amy's! 

    A Message from the Dean

    We know that in a world powered by economic success sincere customer  service can turn into a repetitive script. Customers become numbers because numbers equal dollars. A business needs cash to stay afloat, but we believe our customers can have an outstanding service experience and our employees can understand the value the customer brings to the health of the business.   Success is measured by more than the bottom line. It is measured at Amy’s by the smiles on our customers’ faces and the knowledge that our employees leave with.

    Our goal is to create a unique way of looking at the world of business while having a ton of fun!  We are invested in taking the once elite terms of business and making them accessible to everyone. By teaching the “numbers” to everyone we can change the way business is viewed and ultimately how it is practiced. 

    We can change the dialogue of business one scoop at a time.

    Crush'ns For The Mind

    Classes We Offer


    Our purpose and objective at Amy’s Ice Creams is to consistently offer a superior product matched with a standard of service previously unimaginable from a retail ice cream shop.

    If you understand the mission statement, you understand Amy's. That mission is the base of everything we do and will simplify everything else. It is vital to the survival of this company that employees have a clear idea of our priorities. When you understand our mission it will make problem solving easier, despite busy shifts or other circumstances.

    Here we introduce new employees to the history of the company, as well as the company philosophy, through storytelling. We also explain why we are who we are and detail our vision for the next generation. You will experience Amy’s approach to great customer service as well as the guiding principles that have shaped the company’s values. Our goal is to create a friendly store environment that focuses beyond the mechanics of serving ice cream and extends into creating a "human moment" or lasting memory of kindness for our customers. Simply put, you learn how to make people’s day!

    Rather than just “doing your job,” you get to take responsibility and have the chance to act at Amy’s. We practice Open Book Management which gives you the tools and key measures of business success, along with the understanding of how to improve those measures.

    We want you to be fully involved in running the business. We teach all our employees how business works and what is critical to success. We openly discuss wins and losses so we can keep learning and getting better.

    The ultimate goal of Open Book Management is to produce engaged employees, because engaged employees are motivated, informed, and excited about coming to work because they know how and why their job affects the company's bottom line.

    This is where it all begins. It's vital to know our product intimately so you can successfully address our customers needs, questions, challenges, dissatisfaction, or issues. "Winging it" with regard to product knowledge is no longer an acceptable strategy in today’s “total experience”  based economy.

    The truth is it never really was, but many in the service industry have falsely heard the concept of "fake it until you make it," but that just won’t work in today’s high allergen world.

    Don’t fake product knowledge.

    Learn what you need to know as quickly as you can. Product knowledge doesn't make up for poor customer service or poor attitude, but if you are able to master all three there will be little you can't achieve.

    In many organizations, managers and supervisors are often times the previous high performers at the employee level. Does this mean they are ready for the challenge of people management? In many cases, the answer is no. To demonstrate solid characteristics of a manager, these previous high performers must be trained. While all types of people can manage, we examine what makes a successful leader.  We offer the tools to build a better foundation of leadership practices inside Amy's and out. 



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I still have to do a white paper bag application?

    Yes, we still need to see your passion for working at Amy's. 

    What is a white paper bag application? 

    Our application process is very unique. It's a plain, white paper bag which you may pick up at any time at any of our Austin, Houston, or San Antonio locations. We ask that you take the bag home and bring back something creative.  

    We would like you to express your artistic and creative side through this bag! Decorate it, make it into an object, write an original song on it, fill it with amazing things... the possibilities are endless! Most importantly, have fun and take your time. Show us who you are through the paper bag.  It does not have to be artistically brilliant, just creative.  

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